Izsak Realty is a New York City based boutique Real Estate Brokerage. With decades of experience, nearly a dozen sterling agents, Izsak Realty liberally takes care in selecting clients. “We don’t take every deal—only those which know we’re a good fit for.”  In this brief article we’ll tell you a bit about the brokerage’s story.

After 10 years of being a top-producing broker at Douglas Elliman, Miriam Izsak decided to launch her boutique firm. Roughly 10 years ago, Adam Izsak (Her Nephew) came on as a partner to continue facilitating and developing the growth of Miriam’s legacy – partners at large.

At Izsak Realty we represented sellers, buyers, and renters with every type of property: studios, penthouses, commercial condos, co-ops, mixed-use multi-family, and entire buildings. “Working with you is a breath of fresh air!” is a sentiment we hear from so many of our clients.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with families for generations, doing business with some of them for nearly 30 years. It’s such a good feeling seeing these families and relationships grow, and getting to be a part of that.

We believe real estate is a business of cooperation and communication. Buyers, sellers, and agents,  strategizing together toward our mutual goals. It’s imperative that we do this effectively, and when we do: everybody wins. We’ve always been hesitant to grow out of our “boutique sweet spot” and into the “big business” model. Too often this leads to inexperienced agents entering the market and creating poor experiences and hurdles for rest of us to overcome.

We offer a full-service experience for our clients. And we’ve seen it all.

We are members of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and work with established real estate lawyers and lenders. Every agent who works for us has approximately 10 years of experience. We are all seasoned experts.

Whether it’s an MLS listing, off market, open listing, or something else entirely, Izsak Realty is a unique choice, and if we mutually choose to work together, you can be assured you’re signing up for world-class service.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our business. We appreciate it.